Document Management & Workflow

Automate your document workflows and overall business processes with document management

Paper-based workflow is yesterday’s business!  Having to wait for files to move from desk to desk over hours and even days. Even in an increasingly digital world, paper documents continue to hold on to their place at the core of business operations. Paper documents and records are filed away, copied, faxed, hunted for (and sometimes even found), and transported from place to place – manual tasks that are not only inefficient but downright costly measured by both time and money. Companies continue to have workflows managed by entire departments focused on routing a single, paper-based form.

There’s a better way. It’s time for you to end the paper shuffle and automate your document workflows and overall business processes with document management.  Creating and migrating to electronic documents unleashes productivity and allows all of your employees to focus on their work – rather than waiting for the work to land on their desk.

Laser Option’s document workflow solutions enable companies to make productive use of business-critical information, using software to finally put an end to manual paper shuffling. Documents become easily accessible and capable of being automatically routed to the appropriate destination(s), allowing employees to become more efficient and make better use of their time.

Our Document Management And Workflow Solutions Empower Companies To:

  • Automate document-driven work processes
  • Employ efficient, flexible, and secure rules-based routing and monitoring
  • Improve productivity and accountability with automatic notifications
  • Distribute documents evenly among team members with workload balancing

To learn more about LaserOption’s workflow capabilities and how our business process-based workflow consulting can make it all work for you, let’s visit!

Laser Options provides various Document Management Solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure, supplying the missing piece of the puzzle for secure information sharing and compliance, targeting small and medium size organizations.

Our document management streamlines business processes, improves customer service, reduces costs and ensures compliance.These solutions can be deployed on an in-house network or accessed via the web through cloud-based online portals.

Document Management Features include:

  • Full Text Search – Native & Image files
  • Views 400+ file formats
  • Check-in / check-out
  • Access via web and desktop clients for remote access for partners, vendors or internal staff
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Applications
  • Automate Business Processes
  • Audit trail & Version/Revision
  • Retention Policies
  • Advanced security privileges
  • 128-bit encrypted storage
  • Scan/OCR Images
  • Manipulation of Images
  • Electronic Signature Options
  • And more…

Providing the industry’s premier Enterprise Content / Document Management System, the benefits include you can expect include:

Compliance and eDiscovery

A rising number of regulations from the state, federal and industry levels have resulted in increasingly severe risks and penalties for non-compliance. Legal risks should not be overlooked, with judges now requiring that all documents pertaining to a law suit whether in the form of email, word files, spreadsheets or plain old paper – be turned over to opposing legal counsel or the court.

Disaster Recovery

Loss of corporate information in a paper-based system can be caused by natural disasters and also power failures/viruses can create problems as well for storage of digital information.

Go Green “Paperless Office”, Reduce Costs

No more paper, printing, filing or storage costs for documents. Document management provides an environment that encourages collaboration and information exchange without the need for documents to take form on paper.

Business Process Automation

BPA workflow provides organizations with a solution to automate document processes, setup tasks and collaborate among departments or with outside vendors and partners who are granted security. By streamlining workflow procedures, documents can be electronically routed to provide efficiency gains.


Image-enabling or integration with your organizations existing business applications is one click away within these applications to archive vital information into a document management system.

Data Capture

When converting paper files to a digital format, scanning is basic, but indexing can be a challenge. Front end capture solutions combined with our solutions can read and process bubble forms, barcodes, recognize specific forms or use OCR to auto populate index fields so there is no need for manual typing.