A Powerful Management and Decision Making Analysis

InfoTrack is a powerful management and decision making analysis that will identify current and desired states with information and document workflow.  Laser Options can compete for your business by providing you with the finest equipment available at a competitive cost, but if you are trying to understand the true cost of printed business communications, it is also important to evaluate the entire business document lifestyle.

According to industry experts, printing is just a small percentage of the total expense incurred for printed business communications. By finding a partner who can supply you with the cheapest, most efficient equipment alone would only create a cost savings for a small portion of the total cost incurred. Process improvement is the KEY to decreasing total costs.

Laser Options developed a comprehensive test analysis called InfoTrack.  InfoTrack is a powerful management and decision-making analysis that will identify current and desired states with information and document workflow, and help lower the costs of the entire document process. It will also make your business more efficient and effective.  The InfoTrack process can be best described as follows:


Phase 1

In the first phase of InfoTrack, Laser Options will look closely at:

  • Key business issues
  • The documents currently in use
  • Consumption patterns, people involved, and space consumed
  • Employed technology infrastructure
  • Costs associated with the current document management and production processes.

Phase 2

The second phase identifies the “desired state”.  This process will review your business communication strategy, along with the role documents play within that strategy.  Your information technology strategy is also reviewed, including the infrastructure that supports documents, desktop integration, etc.  The final objectives are also closely assessed.


Phase 3

Finally, with all the data gathered, analyzed, and verified with the InfoTrack process. Laser Options – along with yourself – will create a strategic and scalable plan that will overcome your key business issues and, in essence, help you achieve your own strategic business goals more quickly.