Process Automation

Business Process Management (BPA)

Business process automation (BPA) is a great way to improve employee productivity, increase data input accuracy and help ensure compliance for regulations. These are services that improve the efficiency of your staff by making it easier to work with your current software(s) for processing documents. In most cases, we can show an immediate ROI and reduction in labor needed.

We are not looking to replace any of your current software; instead, we actually help improve their efficiencies by automating manual processes and help them communicate together.  

Our goal is to help our clients automate the data entry processes and make it easier for people to work with your current ERP/AP software. Please send us an email to learn more about automation or to schedule a  webex meeting to see it live.

Business process automation (BPA) is a way by which companies take out the complex, most redundant steps from their processes and streamline them for simplicity. In plain terms, BPA is a hands-free, innovative approach to systematize critical business processes. Manual business activities are cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone, and can place a huge strain on both human and financial resources. By automating these processes -and ultimately, streamlining and accelerating them -organizations can increase agility, boost staff productivity, and reduce overhead.



Well-chosen BPA tools can transform a series of slow and error-prone manual tasks into an efficient digital workflow. Being digital, the process is easier to monitor, measure and adapt as business needs change.  We help businesses of all sizes:

  • Turn piles of paperwork into powerful digital forms
  • Collect data from disparate systems and business units
  • Handle repetitive, rules-based tasks with minimal human intervention
  • Liberate people from boring work tasks
  • Improve performance within the company and along the supply chain
  • Provide the agility needed to react quickly to new opportunities and threats



Business process automation can be used to streamline a variety of processes, including:

  • Document management
  • Workflow automation
  • Task alerts via email
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Thank you letters
  • Payment reminders
  • Document review and approval
  • Management of employee requests
  • Account Payable Automation
  • HR On-boarding and Off-boarding

Once you’ve decided which processes to automate, you can customize your workflows by laying out the steps and configuring alerts and approvals that will model the actual processes that are usually carried out manually. Some popular areas of use include marketing, client management, and customer support.


Aside from streamlining your processes, there are numerous benefits to implementing BPA, including the following:

  • Reduced costs. You can hire fewer people since there is less work to be completed.
  • More efficient use of manpower. Managers, for example, can spend more time directing their employees and keeping an eye on important tasks instead of drowning in reviews, approvals, and requests.
  • Improved collaboration. BPA can be used to create a space where team members can share files and receive alerts when documents have been updated or changed or assigned by one team member to another. This helps keep the whole team on the same page and improves communication as well.
  • Improved customer support. It can be difficult for a company’s customer support team or help desk to keep track of all requests or questions without BPA. Stop customers from falling through the cracks when you use BPA software for automatic ticket creation. This helps your customer service teams respond more quickly and efficiently, resulting in happier customers.
  • Better overall job performance. The use of BPA results in fewer manual errors and more focused work among employees.
  • More satisfied employees. When you cut out the more menial tasks from employees’ job descriptions, they have time for the parts of the job they are skilled at.  A reduction in busy work!